【YouTube】宜蘭:生態美食之旅 | 棗稻田 | INCREDIBLE Organic Restaurant in Yilan, Taiwan

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今天出遊到哪裏? 衛斯理告訴你

One last day in Yilan, and today I decided to check out a restaurant I heard about. I was not disappointed! This place is unbelievable. It's a totally organic and locally sourced restaurant and grocery shop. In fact, most of the food served at this place was grown right on location in their beautiful and extensive garden. I spent the day exploring the premises, and had one of the most incredible lunches I've had in Taiwan. If you're in Yilan, you HAVE TO check this place out. It's great for couples and families. More than just a restaurant, this will make a nice afternoon visit. Suh great quality food and the staff are so friendly. Hope you have as much fun here as I did!


JaoDaoTian is an organic restaurant that combines the modern interior design with local spirit and authentic produce.

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Video by Wes Davies 衛斯理
影片 by Wes Davies 衛斯理
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